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Elastic-Band Bumper
The Elastic-Band Bumper was built in response to an Engineering challenge to create a bumper out of only popsicle sticks, elastic bands, and glue to withstand the force of a heavy cart travelling down a near-frictionless ramp. The challenge was to stop the cart in the most gentle manner possible. While primitive in materials, this required in-depth analysis regarding the behavior of elastic bands in different environments and conditions. The designed bumper featured a dual-elastic bar mechanism using multiple elastics that were pre-stretched to ensure consistency. The device also had 4 'door-like' mechanisms that were designed to take some initial momentum out of the cart as it first encountered the bumper. The bumper was tested using a slow-motion video. It succeeded in gently slowing down the cart.
  • Emmanuel Elmajian
  • Robert Lam
  • Dan Pajek
  • Stephen Young